Movie Review: Prince Caspian (Blu-Ray)

Aslan is Back and Badder Than Ever

Aslan is Back and Badder Than Ever

The last time we were graced with a Narnia film I was looking forward to seeing it, but I can’t say that I was excited to see it.  I read the books as a kid, remembered that I enjoyed them and I figured it would make for a enjoyable movie.  Much to my surprise I ended up really enjoying the film and was excited to see the sequel.  Now that the film has entered the market on Blu-Ray I got that chance.  Prince Caspian isn’t too much of a departure from the first film and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The film starts off in a similar fashion to the last one, with the 4 bothers and sisters in England, only this time we only get about 5 minutes into the film before we get into Narnia.  When the siblings get there they discover ruins that weren’t in Narnia the last time they were there.  It turns out the ruins the stumble upon just so happens to be their former home in Narnia.  Eventually they found out that Narnia has been pillaged and their return as the “old kings and queens” of Narnia was a legend that many had hoped would come true sooner than later.  From there the siblings team up with Prince Caspian the 10th to fight his former people, the Telmarinians.

The Telmarinians are the ones who destroyed the land of Narnia and sent all the talking critters back into the forest.  That’s enough on the plot/story as going any further would make probably ruin the movie for anyone reading this.

Call me a sucker, but one of my favorite parts of this film is the very well done talking animals.  The last film’s animal stars were a group of beavers; this film has a badger and a swashbuckling mouse.  As a 26 year old male, I probably shouldn’t be as entertained as I am buy all the cute fluffy animals, but what can I say, I got a soft spot.  As in the last film the special effects, costumes and battle scenes are expertly done.  The animals look real, animate well and I have never seen digital fur look so good.  There are a few bizarre scenes were the effects look so bad that you notice it, but that only happens once or twice.

As with all sword and sandal epics there are plenty of battle scenes.  This movie is no different, except here you have animals and mythical creatures in the fray as well.  The battle scenes are all well choreographed and exciting to watch.  The final battle has 2 unlikely heroes that may seem cheesy to some, but if you go along for the ride I think everything works out pretty well.

The acting is pretty strong across the board, with one rather large exception.  The actor picked to portray Prince Caspian is terrible.  He has a horrible fake accent and he is very stiff and unnatural.  Thankfully he isn’t bad enough to ruin the movie, but at times I really just thought he was miscast.

There really isn’t a whole lot more to say.  If you like the first film, I think you’ll enjoy the second.  The Christian undertones are still there, but I think they are only noticeable if you know this is based on a book by a Christian author.  If you like fantasy or you are OK with a “lighter” version of the Lord of the Rings, check it out.  It’s a fun film that takes little thought.

Rating:  4.0 out of 5

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