Abandoned Places the World Round

Don’t ask me why, but I have always been fascinated by abandoned places, machinery, towns… anything that’s been abandoned.  Apparently many people share this fascination as you can find any number of sites dedicated to this very thing.  This week the Web Urbanist posted a great “30 Part Guide to Abandoned Places“.  There are some truly great photos here and some truly interesting places.

Abandoned Machine in Russia

Abandoned Machine in Russia

If you are interested in abandoned places, Russia might be the place to go.  Since the Soviet Union crashed and burned there are literally whole cities that got abandoned overnight.  Prypiat, Ukraine (I know, that’s not Russia) is probably the best example.  This was the city that housed Chernobyl workers before the huge meltdown.  The city was abandoned so quickly that signs of life still remain.  Somewhat famously, Infinity Ward recreated the town in it’s very popular game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.  So close was the developer to the source material that they have given us Westerners a way to travel through the ruins.  A great resource for abandoned locals in Russia is English Russia which is great blog if you want to know what’s going around on the side of the world.  I strongly ssuggest checking out the Web Urbanist guide at the very least.


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