Dexter, season 3, has been bloody good

Since my blog is less than a week old, and only like 3 people have visited, I haven’t had a chance to talk about what is probably my favorite show on TV right now (since True Blood ended), Dexter.  This season, much like season 2, has gotten better and better each week.  New people who Dexter thought were friends (Lila from season 2 and Miguel from the current season) who ended up being a little different then he initially thought.  His relationship with Rita has continued to grow and they are engaged to be married with a baby on the way.  The side characters have also remained interesting which is why this is such a good show.  You need the main character to be interesting, but if you are able to make the people on the side just as interesting, you got a good show on your hands.  Click to read my thoughts on episode 11 of season 3 (and yes, there are spoilers).

Episode 11 started off with a bang, to Vince’s face via Dexter’s fist.  What was set up to look like a kidnapping from the Skinner turned out to be Dexter’s co-workers nabbing him for his bachelor party.  This completely surprised me as I was fully expecting Dexter to be in a rather tough situation he may have to fight his way out of.  Instead he had a tough situation he had to sit through.  While Dexter had naked women all around him, Miguel stood up and gave a wonderful speech on friendship.  Listening to what Miguel was saying it was bordering on asking for forgiveness from Dexter for the killing of Ellen Wolf along with an assurance that they could be the team they both dreamed of.

After this we see Miguel hanging out with LaGuarda at her home.  Miguel attempts to lay the moves on her, but before he can she asks to slip outside to get something out of her car.  While out there, she gets some tape, rolls it up and rubs it all over the back of Miquel’s Navigator.  The next day, she asks Dexter to run a test on hair samples for all murders from the last 10 days.  Of course this is due to LaGuarda’s suspicion of Miguel and his involvement with Ellen Wolf.  Once she finds out that Miguel was the killer, she lets Dexter in on her “secret” and asks for advise on what to do.  Dexter’s reaction here is priceless as we all know that he knows what happened.

Unfortunately Dexter isn’t the only one who knows LaGuarda ran the hair sample.  Miguel gets wind of it as well.  I assume because he is a DA, has would have access to almost the same things the Police would, and that holds true here.  Dexter finds out what Miguel has learned by breaking into his hotel room with the help of a maid who speaks less than stellar English.  As soon as Dexter finds out what Miguel knows, he assumes the worst and has an awesome setup to nab Miguel at LaGuarda’s place.

While lying on Dexter’s typically deathbed, Miguel begs and pleads with Dexter, talks about what a team they could be and then is killed.  Not by the typical knife to the chest, but via strangulation.  And here we have the set up for the season finale and I can’t imagine how it could be better.  From the preview of the next episode it looks like Dexter leaves Miguel’s body to be easily found.  We also get a snippet of Dexter’s apartment being raided by Ramon Prado (Miguel’s brother) and a quick line from Ramon that has me very interested. “My brother told me to ask you if anything ever happened to him”.  Ramon knows something, but how much.  The final clip shows Dexter tied to a wood table in what looks like a random warehouse.  Thankfully I only have a few more days and I can do a write up on the final episode of the season.  Dexter just got signed for season 4 and 5 so we know Dexter isn’t going to die.  But who knows what else will happen.


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