Season 3 of Dexter ends, what happens now?

So as of this past Sunday, Dexter season 3 has ended.  Overall I have to say it was a great season, right on par with season 2.  Dexter had an arch nemesis in each of the last 2 season and that made the show all the more interesting.  Seeing as Dexter is a serial killer and he put his last two enemies in the dirt, where do we go from here?

First, let me give you my opinion on the end to the season.  Overall I thought it was another very good episode that has been in a season chock-full of good episodes.  The  2nd to last episode ended with Miguel dead.  The season final opens with Miguel left in the middle of a park so that he can easily be found by some passer by.  Dexter made the kill look like the work of the Skinner and his cover worked well, fooling everyone except for one rather suspicious person.  That person would be Ramon, Miguel’s drunk brother.  The episode played on Ramon for the first half having him go after Dexter by rampaging through his apartment and the showing up to Dexter’s wedding rehearsal dinner blitzed out of his mind with a gun pointed to Dexter’s face.  Of course in that situation Ramon gets taken down and sent to prison for what he says “will be a few days”.  While in prison Dexter comes in and makes the play that I didn’t see coming.  I always assume that Dexter goes for the kill, but here he was much more subtle.  He played Ramon’s shrink and more or less convinced Ramon of the problems in his life and how he needed to become a better father.  That ended Ramon’s plot line for the season.  I don’t know if he shows up in the future.

The only person of consequence on the loose now is the Skinner.  The Skinner does manage to get his hands to Dexter.  I will let you figure out the rest for your own.  All I can say is that I was pretty satisfied with where Dexter ended is with the skinner.  After his last battle of the season, Dexter is off to marry Rita and there goes season 3.

It was a really good season for Dexter.  At times it felt a bit like last season because Dexter was so focused on eliminating his enemy that it took over the plot lines of both season.  But having a female in season 2 and now Miguel, a high profile person in the Miami community, did allow there to be several layers that wouldn’t be available if both were female or both were male.  Typically with the HBO/Showtime series they always go a really good job of setting up the next season and I don’t know if that happened here.  Yes, we will see Dexter grow as a father and husband.  Will this eliminate his “need”?

There are also more relationships to work with.  Anton and Deb, Angel and his Hooker/Cop friend and even Vince has a little something in the works.  Other than that, I don’t know.  Will the issue of Harry cheating on Deb’s mom with Dexter’s real Mom come up?  Maybe, and I think there maybe something interesting there, but maybe not.  It’s hard to imagine where the show goes without a strong antagonist to Dexter’s character, but that’s why these writers get paid.  I am sure we are a year away, at least, for season 4, but I already can’t wait.


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