Milwaukee Take Out/Delivery Review: Patty Burger

Living on Milwaukee’s East Side grants you access to a ton of restaurants, good and bad.  Lots of fast foodish type places that deliver or carry out.  In my 26 years in Milwaukee (about 3 of those on the East Side) I have gotten a chance to eat at many of these places.  Some become favorites while others become places I tell everyone not to go to.  I figured this would be a useful thing to add here.  Hopefully people in Milwaukee will find this and find some great places to hang out or even places to avoid at all costs.

My first review (or victim, in this case) is Patty Burger.  Patty Burger is a burger joint that got it’s start in Chicago.  The menu is tiny.  Their focus is solely on burgers which you can get in either meat or veggie formats.  You get a single, double or triple.  You have to pay to add cheese, avocado or bacon.  The only other items on their menu is fries and some breakfast stuff.  Shakes and soda’s are there as the refreshment backup.

Since the restaurant opened 6 months ago, my wife and I have wanted to try it.  Since Bella’s Fat Cat left it’s Brady Street location we have been looking for a good, cheap and fast burger joint.  This place isn’t it.  My wife went to pick up the food on a cold January night.  When she entered there was all of 2 people in the joint, not even eating.  We ordered burgers, each of us got a double.  We also got one order of fries and 2 shakes.  So how much do you think this would run us?  $17 to $19?  Go higher.  For the high, high cost of $25, this can be your meal too.  I am sure people from other parts of the country are thinking that doesn’t sound that expensive, but those are people who don’t live in Milwaukee.  Patty Burger is a Milwaukee restaurant with Chicago prices and that’s not a good thing.

After paying way too much for the food she brought it home and we ate.  The fries were salty mush.  I like soggy fries, but these things were a whole nother level of soggy.  Then we bit into our burgers.  I had Cheddar and the “special sauce” on mine while my wife had the sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion.  The burgers were OK, but with the thought that they were 7 dollars for a 5 dollar burger really took a lot away.  They were real meat, which is more than McDonald’s can say, but it was bland.  The cheese was OK and the sauce was questionable.  It had a tangy mayo flavor to it.  If the burgers were cheaper I’d give a seal or approval, but for these prices I’d go to Culver’s and Burger King before I go here again.  Last off we drank out shakes.  I had Peanut Butter Chocolate and my wife had strawberry.  They were OK overall, but the price ($5) was a little too much for me to handle.

Would I go here again?  Nope.  Like I said earlier I could easily recommend Culver’s or Burger King over this place.  The only thing Patty Burger really has going for it is their pin-up girl logo.  If you are looking for a less franchised place try the Burger Joint on Brady or Bella’s Fat Cat on Kininick.

Patty Burger, 1952 Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202.  Phone: 414-271-3800.


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