Screenshot Tutorial: Using Zuse to scrobble Zune software plays to

Zuse LogoA little while back, I did a screen shot tutorial on how to use Zenses.  Zenses is a program that will scan your Microsoft Zune (and other media players not named iPod) and scrobble listened tracks to your profile.  Zuse all scrobbles tracks to your profile, but Zuse is used with the Zune 3.0 (or 3.1) software to scrobble software plays.  Just to clarify the difference so everyone can understand… Hardware plays are the plays that have taken place on your actual media player while not hooked up to a PC.  Software plays are plays counted from software that was used to play music on your PC.  Window’s Media Player and iTunes easily support the plug-in so they scrobble plays very easily.  Unfortunately Microsoft has not opened the Zune software for use with plug-ins so the Zune software does not have an official plug-in to use to scrobble plays that take place in the Zune software.

Thankfully, there are people smart enough and motivated enough to create software to get around these obstacles us non-iPoders face.  Zenses works flawlessly for most people, and in my short amount of time with Zuse I feel that we have a valid solution for both the software and hardware plays we want on our profiles.  All credit for creating the software goes to Zach Howe who has developed the software.  The best resource for the software is a tie between the Google Code page (that is where you should download the latest version) and the group page.  I am doing this tutorial on my own, no one else has, so I figured someone should.

Before I start, I want to mention again that you should go to the Google Code link I gave above to get the latest version of Zuse.  For the purposes of this tutorial I am using Beta 3 of Zuse with version 3.1 of the Zune software on a Vista 32-bit machine.  Click any and all images below for the full size image.

Step 1: Once the zip has been downloaded, extract the Zuse folder somewhere you will remember.

Step 2: Go to the Zuse folder and double click Zuse.exe.  You should be greeted with this:


Step 3:  I already have my info in here, but you will not the first time you open it.  Enter your user name and password, then click test log in.  Hopefully you get a confirmation that everything is Kosher.  If you want, you can also edit the option tab which looks like this:

settingsYou only have one option, but it can be an important one.  This is the default song length.  I am assuming (because there isn’t a wealth of info on Zuse out there) that Zuse cannot properly gauge the length of what is being played within the Zune software, so you get to pick the default.  You can go lower or higher.  I noticed issues with Zuse not working when going below 100 seconds, but it works well at 100 seconds.

Step 4: Now that the log in info and settings are done, press OK.  You will see a Zune logo go to your task-bar, like this:

dock-imageYou can right click on the Zune logo to edit settings if you wish.

Step 5: Now open up the Zune Software.  Start playing music.  That should be it.  Zuse works much like other plug-ins in that it will show you as listening to music on your profile.  I took a screen shot of mine while using Zuse:


And really that should be it.  I am not an expert with this program so for bugs and issues the group and Google Code page, which I gave links to above, should be your resource if you need help.  Thanks again to Zach for making a functional, easy to use program.  Now we can all enjoy our Zune and at the same time.


7 thoughts on “Screenshot Tutorial: Using Zuse to scrobble Zune software plays to

  1. Very cool man. Only thing I would add are the requirements ie .NET Framework 2.0 and possibly Microsoft Visual Studio C++

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  3. As an fyi to people reading this as of March 2009… A new beta version has been released (Beta 4) and it works through the client you download to your computer. There are some massive bugs which won’t even let me open the new beta on my computer. Many other are having the same issues, but once I can open it, I will do a new tutorial. This is for beta 3.

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