Christian Bale is a big meanie!

So for anyone who just saw the header of this post and clicked on it hoping for a some sort of rant on what an awful person Christian Bale is, sorry to disappoint.  For those that don’t know (where have you been?) Christian Bale has had a clip of him yelling at a lighting guy on the set of Terminator Salvation.  After listening to the rant, the remixes and reading a few articles on this I figured it was something worth commenting on. 

I need to qualify this prior to going on…. Christian Bale is my favorite actor.  This means I am not impartial and probably have a more biased view them someone who doesn’t care about Christian Bale.  With that said you are more then welcome to take my opinion with a grain of salt.  The man saved the Batman franchise (my favorite comic book character, next to Spawn), was outstanding in American Psycho, killed it as a kid in the Spielberg flick Empire of the Sun and abused his body more than any other actor to play a convincing role in the Machinist.  The only movie I didn’t like him in was Harsh Times.  He did his best with the role, but it felt like a strange performance.

With that out of the way, onto more current events.  For those who haven’t heard the rant, TMZ has it here.  Don’t be stupid and listen to this at work or with small children dancing around.  He swears a lot and is just very angry all around.  The reason behind his disgust was due to a lighting guy who was messing around with lights during a scene.  Thanks to Ain’t it Cool News we can add some context (that helps once and a while).  I know nothing about the profession of making films, I just sit back and enjoy,  but thanks to the article from AICN I got a little info and it makes a lot of sense.  Lights are not to be played with while shooting a scene.  Never, ever… don’t do it.  It’s bad enough to walk in front of an actor while filming a scene, I can’t imagine having to pretend like robots are every where while the world is ending with some douche standing in front of you messing with a light.

Thanks to lightning douche we get a diatribe from Bale that lasts several minutes long.  Basically a lot of f-bombs and Bale calling the guy a hack and at one point threatening to beat the guy down (which he didn’t, this was all verbal).  You can here the accused in the background with another anomus person in the background as well.

Now, was it OK for Christian to do what he did?  No.  We teach our children not to do stuff like this and in a lot of environments you would get fired or suspended if you acted like he did.  The question should really be, do I understand why he did this, to which the answer is an empathic yes.  The problem I am having with this story is seeing so many people on their soapboxes about what a terrible person this makes Bale.  Have you never seen anyone get angry?  Have you never gotten into an argument with family member or co-worker?  This stuff happens, every day in a lot of different places and professions.  While it may not be right, it’s something we all have to deal with at some point.  Some of us end up on both sides of type of situation at some point.

 The Machinst
The Machinist

This doesn’t make him Hitler.  In fact it doesn’t even make him a bad person.  It makes him a person who is ultra dedicated to what he does and he got a little mixed up during the scene.  Bale was recently on a US radio program and apologized profusely, said it was a resolved issue and also noted that it was a very important scene that he was distracted during.  Bale is playing John Connor’s, the guy who is supposed to save us in the future when the Terminators come.  For anyone who has followed Baled beyond just watching his films should know that he is as dedicated as it gets when it comes to acting.  He went from the Machinist (picture above) to Batman Begins (we know what he looks like here) in less than a year.  That is a visual proof of the dedication this man has.  He was caught up in a scene and someone got in the middle of it.  He went off the edge.  Now it’s time for all of the people on their moral high horse to get off and realize this isn’t a big deal. 

I aways love the outrage over things like this.  Completely meaningless situations taken out of context so everyone can get mad and talk about what a terrible person someone is without even knowing him or her.  We all got our things.  Its just that most of aren’t famous so no one cares.  Get over it.

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