Milwaukee Take Out/Delivery Review: Pizza Shuttle

Ahhhhh Pizza Shuttle… how do I love you…. Let me count the ways…. 

So with a start like that you shouldn’t be expecting an impartial review, because you won’t be getting one.  Pizza Shuttle is one of the best (if not the best) Pizza places on Milwaukee’s lovely East Side.  They have been there for over 25 years and have been on my list of favorite takeout/delivery places for at leas the last 5 or 6 years.  Not only do they do Pizza, the bring the hammer down with awesome chicken wings, fried chicken, ice cream sundaes and Bosco sticks that are out of this world.  If you live on the East Side and haven’t eaten here, something is wrong with you.

The best thing to get from Pizza Shuttle is their pizza (duh).  Their standard crust is a thicker than thin, but not too thick with soft, doughy ends.  The sauce is fantastic with just a little bit of spiciness and a lot of flavor.  The cheese is about as good as it gets and they never skimp.  Toppings range from peperoni to asiago to pineapple.  They have a long list of specialty pizzas like their BBQ chicken or Hawaiian.  There really isn’t a bad direction to take.  If you are eating Pizza Shuttle pizza, it’s going to be good.  I can’t really think of a good comparison for their pizza, typically their’s is the pizza I use for comparison against others.  If you like pizza, you will like Pizza Shuttle.

As mentioned above they do way more than pizza.  Their chicken wings are great.  Deep fried and crunchy with way more meat than BW3’s gives you, all topped off with some great sauce choices.  Their fried chicken is better than what KFC can even dream up.  Nice and crispy, good seasoning and always cooked to perfection.  Bread sticks and Bosco sticks (cheese filled bread sticks) are great with lots of butter, garlic and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.  There is a wide variety of sundaes to pick from and they have some awesome stand alone ice cream flavors (love the espresso Oreo).  Really there isn’t anything Pizza Shuttle can’t do.

So if you are putting together a party or just want to order a pie for you and your friends, this is the place to go to if you are on the East Side.  I’ve never had something I didn’t like from them and on top of that, I have never had a person I’ve introduced to Pizza Shuttle complain.  It’s universally likable and I have a hard time finding a place I like better.  Go there or call them.  Do it now.

1827 N. Farwell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202

Click link above for menu, call them at 414-289-9993


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