My Music: What I Listened to in 2009

Thanks to my love of music has gone from just listening to becoming a stat geek who can track his listening habits from week to week.  I am sure most people don’t see any value or reason to track what you listen to, but for me it’s something that can help me find new music and, at times, remind me of something I haven’t listened to in forever.  When you have over 30,000 songs, you need some help to remind you what was good and what wasn’t.

I went ahead and took some screen shots on what I listened to during the year.  Some of what I see surprised me but for the most part this just reminded me of the variety I keep on my MP3 player.

Top 30 Artists:

My top 3 artists all had awesome releases during the year.  I think the 1/2 punch of Brand New and Katatonia makes up my two favorite artists in my head and that’s reflected in my scrobbles.  Nothing here surprised me all that much.  The majority of artists here are groups that released something in 2008 or 09 that I fell in love with.

Top 20 Albums:

This was the list that most surprised me.  Most of the albums here were 2008 releases.  Very few 09 releases made it and even fewer pre-08 albums made it.  The top release, Katatonia’s The Great Cold Distance, was a random find towards the end of 2008 that I (obviously) had a hard time staying away from.  Great disc and it was my (very late) introduction to Katatonia.  Minor Threat was a group I listened to a lot and I finally downloaded their Complete Discography during the year.  I had forgotten how good it was which is why I listened to it so many times.

Top 20 Songs:

Wintersleep’s Search Party probably my favorite song ever written and my play count supports that 2 years running.  The other big part of my list here is Katatonia’s collection.  Into the White, Leaders and Journey Through Pressure are some of the best metal songs ever written.  Other than that, the list is made up of all of my top artists.

The Year Ahead:

Already have two releases for 2010, the new Fear Factory and Bouncing Souls.  Off the top of my head I am most excited about the new Wintersleep.  I am sure that 2010, like any other year, will be full of new stuff to discover and fall in love with.  Can’t wait.


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