3 Oreo Variants Walk In… 2 Survive.

In recent years, Nabisco has been having quite a bit of fun releasing new Oreo flavors, both on a permanent basis and some special “limited editions”.  Sad for me, but great for Nabisco, I both love Oreos and love trying different flavors of any and all junk food that’s released.  I always tell people that I am a marketer’s dream.  Slap a weird flavor on something I love the original of and I’m going to try it.

In this post I’m going to go over the 3 latest Oreo variants I’ve been able to try.  They are Caramel Apple (on the much more boring Golden Oreo), Banana Split and Cookie Dough.  No, you will not find me eating the Limeaid Golden Oreos because as much as I enjoy trying new flavors of Oreos, I’m also not stupid.  Lime in a cookie just does not compute in my noggin, so I will forever avoid those.

Now, on to the cookies I did eat…


Should you eat Caramel Apple Oreos?

I went into this bag of Oreos unsure of what I’d think.  I love caramel, I love apples, but I do not love Golden Oreos.  There is a reason the word vanilla is used when describing things that are boring, because most of the time, vanilla is boring.  Not that Golden Oreos are claiming to be vanilla even, I (and my brain) just assume (and taste) that because they are the opposite of the existing Oreos, which are chocolate, they are vanilla.

Sorry, enough with my hatred of Golden Oreos, that’s not really the point here.

As soon as I opened the package, I did what any Oreo eater does and pulled the cookie apart.  I tried each side of the filling, which clearly has a line between the two.  Surprisingly, the flavors are very different from each side.  The apple flavor is strong.  It’s a green apple flavor (hence the color) but not sour.  I love anything green apple flavor so I was pretty happy, but the caramel side is really boring.  I get more of a brown sugar taste out of that side and it’s weak when compare to the apple.  Combined with the cookie, the flavors meld together a bit more and the cookie portion makes the apple a bit more mild.  When all together, it actually does give a caramel apple taste to it and a pretty good one at that.

These bad boys fail at the milk test, they are better dry than dunked.

Should you eat these?  Yes, yes you should.  Note that these are a Target exclusive, as well.


Should you eat Cookie Dough Oreos?

Cookieception.  Or something along those lines.  This, in my head, is a similar idea to fried chicken, at least in concept.  The concept is that we take an egg  and then we baste the chicken meat in its own unborn babies, mix it with some batter and cook.

With the cookie, we aren’t talking about anything quite as ironic as cooking chicken in it’s own children, but the concept seems similar to me.  Take cookie dough, which turns into a cookie and then place that in between 2 cookies.  Cookieception.

The idea is great but the reality… not so much.  It doesn’t taste like cookie dough or Oreo filling.  I imagine the flavor is that of what lard mixed with sugar would be.  That being non-existent flavor, but sweet enough to be edible.

Should you eat these?  I’d say a big no on this one.  If you’re going to make flavors based on other existing flavors everyone knows, it’s nice to get at least somewhere in the ballpark of that flavor you are going for.  Oreo does not come close to succeeding here.

banana split oreos

Should you eat Banana Split Oreos?

Last, but not least, Oreo’s take on the American sundae classic. Sandwiched between both a Golden and regular Oreo is a split of cream.  One side flavored like strawberry and the other like banana.  Unlike the Caramel Apple flavor, both sides have about the same strength to the tastebuds and both flavors taste like you’d expect, a vague, overly sugared representation of said flavors.

Slap them between the vanilla and chocolate cookies and you got a winner here.  This is probably the variant that most closely resembles what it is trying to mimic.  If you attempted to make a cookie taste like a banana split, this is what it should come out tasting like.

The choice here is anticlimactic, as only 2 cookies were going to survive my trio of gluttony, so this is a definite yes on trying them out.  These also go great with milk, unlke the previous two flavors.


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