Nylabone Dura Chew Dental Dinosaur Review

I always take negative reviews at Amazon with a grain of salt, all products are going to have their issues and typically people that have bad experiences tend to be louder than people who enjoy a product. This is an item that I wished I didn’t take those negative reviews with a grain of salt.

We’ve gotten Nylabones for our dog before, she finally chewed through the puppy starter pack we got, which was no big deal because she’s continued to get bigger and become a more powerful chewer. Reading the reviews on this I saw that people love this for powerful chewers but after our dog’s experience with it, I disagree with anything positive that’s said about it.

First off, the bone is HARD. Very, very, very hard. There is no give in this item, at all. Based on my past (positive experiences) I just assumed this was a tough item but had some give like all of their other products Peach has used. For a week or so, she didn’t show any interest in the thing, it just sat. After a while it somehow peaked her curiosity and she chewed it every night for roughly a week. I kind of worried because it was so hard, but she loved it and didn’t seem to be hurting herself, so I let her stick with it.

However, this is the time where I went back and read the more negative reviews over again and I saw stories of cracked teeth, bloody mouths and shards of plastic being eaten by people’s dogs. Looking at the bone after a week of her chewing it every night, Peach had started to tear little bits of this off. For a bone that is for “powerful chewers”, I was amazed that our Dachshund/Lab mix (she’s on the tiny end of this mix, less than 25 pounds) was able to start carving this thing up. The pieces she was getting off where SHARP. As hard as this thing is, the pieces that come off are that sharp.

At this point the bone went in the garbage. Between others bad experiences and what appeared like could have been a bad experience for us, it was time to take it away and move on to another toy. One that didn’t have the potential to crack teeth or ingest sharp pieces of plastic. I’d recommend to stay away from this one.


(Dont’) Purchase:  Nylabone Dura Chew Original Flavored Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy, Dinosaur Style Varies – Amazon.com


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