PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy Review

I’m not sure if, as a function of being my own dog owner (with my wife) for the first time, or if I just never noticed it, but it seems like the last 5+ years has seen quite the boom in dog toys that make your dog think or work for their food or treats.  I’ve read enough and learned enough, via my entire life having a family dog, to know that mental stimulation can be a great thing for your dog.  If you have a destructive dog, it can help curb that.  If you have a dog that has no real behavioural issues, treat dispensing toys can just be another fun thing they get to do here and there.

This is the first treat ball we tried ourselves and to this day it’s our favorite.  Peach gets her dinner in this every day and she looks forward to it.  When we fill in with food, she gives a few whines while we screw it back together and get ready to give it to her.  Once dropped to the floor, she gets her nose and starts pushing the ball along, coming back to get whatever bits of food fell out while she was rolling along.

The toy is an egg shape and made of hard plastic.  Purple is your only color option, but it appears all Busy Buddy toys are that color which seems like their trademark.  The ball screws and unscrews at the middle so you can easily get food in.  Putting it back together is just as simple as it is to screw the cap back on a bottle of soda.  The egg has some protruding areas of plastic (the more solid purple you see in the pics) which allow the ball to rest on it’s side/end so that it’s not just a constant rolling egg of food that your dog can’t get a grip on.

Peach gets her food out of the ball by hitting it with her nose and sending it end over end (see video, the top video was her first time with the ball, the video deeper in the post is current day).  We currently use the small sized ball and Peach is still on puppy food so the kibbles are small.  Food comes out of each end through a little hole on the top and bottom of the ball.  Each hole has a few rubber nubs on the inside of the ball which make it harder for food to exit.  It also allows you to customize the difficulty the food has in getting out of the ball because you can cut a few nubs off if the food you use isn’t coming out easily enough (or at all).  We stuck with the default which is 4 nubs.  Peach gets roughly a cup of food in the ball and it takes her 10 to 15 minutes to finish it all off.

Overall, I’d recommend this as a great ball to either start your dog off on treat dispensing toys or even to add to the collection of a dog that has a full arsenal of those kind of toys already.  We even purchased the large ball in anticipation of moving our puppy onto adult food in the near future.  This might be Peach’s favorite part of her day and it keeps her engaged for a decent enough time period that I can’t see us ever not feeding her with it.


Purchase:  PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy – Amazon


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