Blue Dog Bakery – More Flavors and Doggie Cremes Treat Review

Whenever Jess and I hit up Target, we take a walk through the pet area to see what’s on clearance or if there’s anything new in the world of dog treats.  Despite the fact we have enough treats at home to feed our not-even-25-pound puppy for the next 5 years, she’s our doghter, so she gets spoiled.  Blue Dog Bakery’s treats always peaked my wife’s interest and I had to agree, they appeared to be more on the “fun” end of dog treats.  These aren’t your normal boring Milk Bones.

The first variety we tried are the “More Flavors” (yes, that’s the name) dog treats which are listed as being both Natural and Low Fat.  Yes, we’ve entered a time period in which dog treats are listed as low fat to entice you to buy them.  Now, I will never mock the natural claims on dog items.  I do believe that less ingredients in both our and our dog’s food is a great thing (even if I rarely follow that) but the “Low Fat” thing just kind of rubs me the wrong way.  The only other thing these treats need to claim Gluten Free, Vegan Safe and “We Support You Not Getting Vaccines For Your Children” and you’d have everything an over protective dog parent would want in a treat.

Okay, off my soapbox now and back to the treats…

The More Flavor variety pack includes Peanut Butter & Molasses, Natural Cheese, Grilled Chicken and Bacon & Cheese flavored treats.  I’d be inclined to call these cookies because the are larger than, let’s say, a medium sized Milk Bone, but the size varies greatly between medium-ish to large-ish.  They have the feel, weight and appearance of the old-school Windmill cookies some people may recognize from their past.  At least I hope they are in most people’s pasts because they aren’t very good.  The treats do follow the less-is-more idea when it comes to ingredients.  The list may not be quite as short as some people like, but they do appear to be all natural.  When I can pronounce every item on an ingredient list, I am pretty happy.


While we like the idea behind these treats, Peach doesn’t quite care for them.  Handing her one is like asking her to hide it for a rainy day when she is really bored or hungry (or both) in which case she’ll find them and eat them.  So she doesn’t outright ignore them, they just kind of sit around until she decides she wants something to do with them.  Where as, the second treat, she wouldn’t leave if the house was on fire.

Thanks, myself, for a wonderful segue into the second set of treats (also found at Target) made by Blue Dog Bakery, the Doggie Cremes.   These, essentially, are Oreos for your dog.  The cookie is made out of the Peanut Butter & Molasses flavor the More Flavor treat box contains and the middle is filled with a cream center that has glucosamine for hips and joints.  I can’t lie, we didn’t buy these because of the health benefits.  We bought them because they look like Oreos and we are suckers for things that look like other things but are for your dog.  Good job, Blue Dog Marketing department.

As stated earlier, Peach loves these things.  When she takes a treat from you, holds it and runs to another room where she can eat in peace, you know you have a winner.

Both sets of treats can be found at your Target stores.  The More Flavors comes in a 20 oz. box and bulk packaging.  On 20 ounces you are spending roughly .19 cents an ounce and almost .23 cents an ounce for the 3 pound bag.  See, buying in bulk isn’t always wise.  You can get a 72 ounce bag from Amazon ($19.43 at the time of this writing) which comes out to .27 cents an ounce.  Again, bulk isn’t always better.

The Cremes are $4.99 at target for 9 ounces, so you’re paying .55 cents an ounce.  Quite a bit more than the other set of treats, but you are paying for the glucosamine here.  Amazon has bulk packaging (6 boxes bundled together) for $31.81 as of this writing, which comes to .59 cents an ounce.  Target is your better bet for either treat, but I’ll provide Amazon links below.

Peach loves one of these treats more than the other, but she will not allow either to go to waste.  The cost difference for the amount you get might be a deciding factor for some, but even if you are only interested in More Flavors box, I recommend giving them a shot because they have a much shorter list of ingredients than the average Milk Bone-type treat.


  • More Flavors Variety Pack – ✭☆☆
  • Doggie Cremes – 



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