Puppia Harness (Dotty, Black) Review

We ordered a harness for our puppy both after input from the humane society we adopted her at as well as reading up on our own. We have a small dachshund/lab mix (don’t ask how that happened, we don’t know) and the general consensus is that smaller dogs do better with a harness as opposed to a standard collar because their throats are more susceptible to damage from getting yanked on a collar. We researched various harnesses and this one came out on top because of it’s style, mostly, but also the fact it appear to be made of softer material which we were guessing would be more comfy for our dog.

The harness fits well, we used the measurements as advised in the listing so getting the right size as easy. It’s grown with her for a few months now and the adjustable part which goes around the chest has given us plenty of room to size up. It looks pretty cute as well, but we made a mistake getting black, everyone assumes Peach is a boy… I guess it’s a man’s word, what can I say?

At times, she does seem really annoyed by the harness and bites at it. Dogs at the dog park also seem to like to use it to their advantage when playing with her and they grab onto it. The harness has gotten some holes poked in it because of this, but nothing that has ruined the harness by any means. I also acknowledge that our dog is a puppy and will likely get out of the “bite everything I can” stage, so the next Puppia harness we get will, hopefully, be safe.

This next part was probably a freak accident, but I have to note it, as a (way) over-protective dog parent. While playing in a non-fenced in area with another dog, our dog was able to back out of the harness. The other dog basically rolled on top of her, catching the leash underneath and when Peach attempted to get away (just playing, they were both having fun) she pushed and pushed right out of the harness. Thankfully, because she was playing, she just came right back to the other dog and we were able to get her. I’m sure the thought is that the harness wasn’t tight enough, but it was. While we allow enough room to get a few fingers in between the harness and her body, since she’s a growing pup, it shouldn’t have been enough for her to slip out. I’ve just gotten in the habit of watching her when she is behind me and pulling backwards, because it looks like she can continue to get out if she was allowed. That’s just a word of warning and something that’s only happened once in the 3 months we’ve had the harness.

Even with that, we are still buying her another harness from Puppia because we like the fit, the feel and overall our dog appears to love it as well. It’s just worth watching and making sure the harness is on the tighter side so you don’t see your dog back their way out of it.


Purchase:  Puppia Soft Harness at Amazon.com


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