Should You Eat Red Velvet Oreos?

The last 10 or so years of my life I feel like I’ve heard the ingredients chipotle, salted caramel and the flavor combo that makes red velvet more and more as time goes on, where as I don’t remember their existence prior to that time period.  I’m glad these things have become trendy, because they are all wonderful, especially Red Velvet cake.  I like RV so much that I am a sucker to anything to be flavored as such.  Cupcakes, cookies… hell, I even have a Red Velvet Chapstick.

With all that said, you can imagine my excitement when the combo of Red Velvet and Oreo Cookies (my other favorite terrible thing for me) became a reality, released February 2015.  Oreos flavored like other things have had mixed results.  Caramel Apple, Peanut Butter, Mint and Birthday Cake are all pretty awesome.  Lime… that I don’t have the courage to try.

The local grocery store got these bad boys in and all the excitement that had built up for a chance to try these kind of deflated when I realized I got the pay full Oreo prices for roughly 2/3rd’s the size of the box of normal Oreos.  Price and quantity aside, I was purchasing these regardless so they came home to get eaten.

I always evaluate my oreos the same way.  First I pull them apart, eat the cookie part and then try the creme.  Then a cookie on its own, no milk.  Last off, it gets the milk test.  These were no different.  Upon first opening the bag, the cookies definitely mirrored the smell of a Red Velvet cake.  That is, the smell of red food coloring mixed with coco and then a hint of cream cheese frosting.

The cookie tastes exactly like a regular oreo which disappointed me at first before I really thought about it.  Oreos are chocolate.  Red Velvet is also chocolate.  They should taste the same.  The creme was where the Red Velvet flavor came together and it actually had a taste that was 50/50 cream cheese frosting and what you’d expect typical Oreo filling to taste like.

Trying the whole thing together feels like a pretty decent success. It’s basically a maroon colored Oreo with a slight cream cheese frosting taste that does well enough to approximate Red velvet cake. Overall, I really like them.

Should you eat these? Yes, yes you should.


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