Skittles Orchard variant begs the question… Are limes grown in orchards?

My wife is pissed.  Seriously, she’s not happy.

A few months ago, Wrigley thought it wise to remove lime from their normal Skittles pack and replace it with green apple.  I, for one, commend the genius behind the decision.  My wife?  Not so much.  Thankfully, it works to my advantage as I get all the greens out of the rare Skittles bag my wife has.

Maybe she’ll (and anyone else who hates green apple) be happy to know that lime is back in Skittles latest variant, the “Orchard” flavors.  Other than lime, you are treated to red apple, orange, peach and cherry.  As stated in the title of this post, I feel like the orchard term is being loosely used, at best.

wpid-imag0075.jpgAn internet search proved that the way I felt about the use of the word orchard was very much so wrong.  Apparently an orchard is “defined as the trees cultivated in such an area.”  Then, the next question is answered with this.  “An orchard always has to consist of fruit or nut trees, but a grove does not. That is the big difference.”

So there you go.  Any fruit grown in a large enough area consisting of trees is in an orchard.  So you could even have an orange orchard, as best as I can gather.

Apologies for getting off track.  This is a candy review.  It’s just that this candy left me with questions I knew I could not continue to live without knowing.

Let’s do a flavor by flavor break down.

Cherry – The first problem with these Skittles is it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between red apple and cherry.  Cherry is slightly darker, but that didn’t matter.  Every time I thought I was picking up only cherry (or only red apple) I was always wrong and that handful would have both flavors.  That complaint out of the way, these things taste almost exactly like Sucrets.  Imagine a super sweet cough drop with a hint of medicine taste and you have the cherry flavor in this pack.  Is that good?  That depends on if you like cough drops.  I think it’s okay.  I certainly didn’t not eat them (double negative so maybe I did throw them away?  You’ll never know…)


Red Apple –  As soon as I finished this flavor it hit me that it tasted EXACTLY like something I couldn’t put my finger on.  An Amazon search helped me as the first result for “red apple candy” was… Jelly Belly’s Red Apple flavor.  It also kind of made me realize that Skittles aren’t that far off from jelly beans.  Imagine a Jelly Belly with a harder shell and you have an idea of what this flavor tastes like.

Peach – I’ve never been a fan of peach flavored stuff and that doesn’t change here.  These taste like any other peach candy you’ve had before.  Think the gummi peach rings put into Skittles and you have it.  Not a fan, personally.

Orange & Lime – Why are these tacked on to the end of the list together?  Because you’ve already had these, at least if you have consumed Skittles in your life.  Both of these flavors have been (orange still is) part of the regular Skittles pack for ages.  Lime is also in the “Darkside” variant.  They are fine, but the fact they are repeats from other packs is kind of sad.

You’ll see I am not an excellent source of knowledge on what kind of “notes” the flavors have and all that other foodie lingo.  I’m reviewing candy.  Mutha.  Effin.  Candy.  I can tell you what else it tastes like and since you made it this far into the post, I assume you eat candy and can approximate the flavors in your head.  This is my first and last apology for not telling you what spice something was mulled with or whatever it is people do with spices in things…

Overall, it’s a disappionting variant.  2 repeats from current varieties and the new ones aren’t that great.  Cherry reminds me of medicine and peach just isn’t my thing.  I do appreciate the red apple flavor, but this pack isn’t worth buying for that flavor alone which means this pack isn’t really worth buying at all.

Rating:  ✮☆☆


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