Creators of Trader Joe’s Cookies & Cream Butter Should Win Nobel Peace Price

According to Wikipedia, here’s the background on the Nobel Peace Prize:

Since 1901, it has been awarded annually (with some exceptions) to those who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses

Using that as a qualification, I believe the people behind Cookies & Cream Butter (here on out titled C&CB) should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  I believe this stuff can bridge the gap between people, religion and nations.

Joking aside (I mean, I know there is some serious stuff out there and now that I am an adult I don’t want to really mock serious issues), this stuff is really, really great.  We all know peanut butter.  We should all known Nutella (which combined with peanut butter on toast is the best thing, ever… at least prior to C&CB).  Probably lesser known is Biscoff’s Cookie Spread, which tastes just like their cookies (which is sad because those cookies suck).  Trader Joe’s has also apparently stolen reappropriated Biscoff’s spread as well for sale in their stores.

wpid-imag0067.jpgI’m guessing that was the motivation behind creating something new (at least new to me) by taking their Joe Joe’s (Orea copycats yet better than Oreos in every way) and somehow turning them into a spread for toast, pancakes, pretzels,  turkey as well as a great pairing with foie gras.  Alright, the last 2 are probably not a good match for C&CB, and you shouldn’t eat foie gras anyhow because the way they get it is awful, but anything that pairs well with sweets, this will probably be good with.

In order to picture in your head what this looks like, take the consistency of peanut butter but imagine instead of peanuts, someone crushed Oreos to hell and back, somehow making them spreadable.  Also inside the spread are crushed (really, really crushed, the pieces are tiny) bits of cookie which provide a real slight crunch to the spread.  We’re still a lot closer to creamy peanut butter spread than chunky, but there is just that slight bit of texture added from those bits of cookie.

The taste is the same as the consistency, what you’d imagine butter made out of Oreos to taste like.  It’s heavier on the chocolate than the creme flavor, but I’d say it’s just balanced enough to make both flavors come out in each bite.

wpid-imag0069.jpgI’ve only had this straight from the jar (just a little, I restrained myself) and on some toast.  I’ve even tried it on peanut butter toast since I love Nutella and peanut butter so much.  Toast works, not so much with the peanut butter.  This stuff is so tooth-achingly sweet that it will probably overpower whatever you put it on unless used in moderation.  Thus, it works great on toast on its own because toast is really just the vehicle in which to get this stuff in your face.

I like this stuff, in case that hasn’t come through.  It’s $3 and some change and well worth it.  I hope this ends up as permanent item it Trader Joe’s rotation because I will be eating this often.  Hopefully not too often, I’d like to avoid ruining my pancreas.

Buy this.  Now.

Also, way to drop the ball, Nabisco.  This could have been yours so long ago.

Rating:  ✮✮✮✮


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