UPDATED: Dannon Oikos Butterscotch Limited Edition Yogurt Review

I think limited edition used to actually mean something.  I remember it being reserved for cars, mostly.  Now, you can find limited or deluxe editions on things like… yogurt.  While I am sure it fits the definition of limited edition, I’m guessing this is only around for a while (much like the pumpkin pie and gingerbread variants of Oikos I’ve had in the past few months) so, yeah… call it limited edition.  I just don’t think this provides quite the feeling of cruising in a LE Corvette, but what do I know?

Now that we are past the goofiness of calling a yogurt “limited edition” now we have to try and get over the fact that I am not sure that this is even yogurt.  You’ll find mostly junk food reviewed on my blog, because that’s what I like and there is a never ending supply of new varieties of crap that comes out week to week.  Even with my love of junk food, I try not to eat it exclusively.  You know, diabetes and heart issues or my svelte figure.  Stuff like that.  So I try to eat some stuff that’s healthy, I kind of thought this might be one of those things less horrible for me.

So if it’s not yogurt, what is it?  The label reads “Dairy Snack”, to which I scratch my head and wonder what that really is.  I’ve also had Dannon’s new Triple Zero Oikos yogurt and that, big shocker here, actually is called yogurt on the label.  I had to go to the internet to learn me up on what a dairy snack is.  Per Real Simple:

If the label reads “cultured dairy snack,” that means the product is probably more water than milk. Sure, you’ll be consuming fewer carbohydrates, but you’ll also be consuming less calcium and protein.

Am I still eating healthy food?  I’ll just say its less-worse-than-other-food.

wpid-imag0092.jpgAll that out of the way and onto the yogurt.  Okios took over Chobani for my yogurt of choice quite a while ago.  I think it has a better texture and better flavor, plus I like the “other” flavors.  Not every yogurt has to be a natural fruit flavor, at least that’s not my preference.  The Toasted Coconut and Banana Cream flavors of Oikos are just the freakin’ best.  Super creamy texture and good flavor.

I was pretty stoked to see butterscotch as the new limited flavor.  Butterscotch is one of my favorite flavors ever and I don’t think it’s used as much as it should be.  Other than butterscotch topping, chips and pudding, it can be hard to find the flavor in other grocery store items.

This flavor carries some of what I love about the 2 flavors of Oikos that I love, mainly the creamy texture (which is closer to standard Yoplait than it is Chobani).  The flavor on this one is where it’s lacking.  It doesn’t really remind me of butterscotch.  Maybe I was just hoping it was like any number of puddings you can get off store shelves, but the flavor here is wayyyyyyy lighter than that.  This is basically yogurt with a real slight hint of butterscotch flavor, which is kind of sad to me.

wpid-imag0094.jpgI’d still tell anyone who likes Greek yogurts to try this out if you like a creamier yogurt that’s light on the flavor.  It doesn’t come close to my two favorite flavors of Oikos, but I’ll probably eat this one a few more times.  At least until this edition’s limited release is out of stock.

Rating:  ✮✮☆


Hey, a company read my review and responded, I can’t think that’s anything other than cool.  Here was their response to my Facebook post:

We read your review and appreciate the honest feedback (which we have forwarded along to the appropriate departments here at Dannon). We also understand the confusion about the “Dairy Snack” label and updated labeling that states Oikos Limited Edition flavors are a Greek yogurt will hit shelves soon. These seasonal flavors are still a Greek yogurt with the same active yogurt cultures. Though we might have to agree that they’re not nearly as exciting as cruising in a limited-edition sports car. Thanks again for sending along!

I like that they are changing the label to read Yogurt vs. Dairy Snack.  That means this has all the live and active enzymes you should be getting in your yogurt.  It also makes me feel like I am eating something healthy again.


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