Someone thought chocolate strawberry Pop Tarts were a good idea. I respectfully disagree.

I’ve already waxed poetic (well, not so much the poetic part) in regards to limited edition items and how they just don’t feel special anymore.  I’m not sure if that’s something that’s actually happened or just my memory playing tricks on me, but growing up I don’t remember limited edition sodas, candies or pop tarts.  Regardless of my opinion on limited editions not really feeling all that special or all that limited anymore, Kellogg’s brings da’ ruckus (as the kids say) when it comes to multiple variants of LE Pop Tarts, for which I am happy.

I’ve always loved Pop Tarts.  What kid didn’t grow up and decide to toast some Pop Tarts and put on their favorite cartoon for an afternoon snack?  Maybe that carried through to adult life (like it has for me) or maybe your taste buds refined and left these “pastries” as part of your past.

Even though I still very much so enjoy a Pop Tart now and again, I eat them less and less as life goes on.  Part of that is the fact you’re getting near or over 400 calories for 2 of these bad boys, which doesn’t really do nice things to my waist.  The other thing (and this is tied to the first thing) is that I end up not wanting all the 8 Pop Tarts that come in a box.  Give me 4 every 3 months and I’m pretty happy.

My favorite flavors are all of the non-fruit flavors.  Going with a top three list, I think it would go Maple Brown Sugar, S’mores and then Chocolate Fudge.  I had to peruse the flavor list to see what I’ve had and remind myself of what I liked and I quickly remembered that Kellogg’s has not been shy about creating, ending and making limited editions of flavors.  That makes it one of the more “fun” junk food snacks, there is never a lack of variety or something new to try.

Since I am not all that crazy about the fruit flavored variants, tied into the fact that I think fruit and chocolate just shouldn’t be together, these were doomed from the start.

A1Squ+842OL._SY606SX404_SY606_CR,0,0,404,606_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_SX404_SY606_CR,0,0,404,606_SH20_First off, they are about as easy to review as a Pop Tart can get.  Have you had a strawberry Pop Tart?  Take the filling from that and put it into the middle of a Chocolate Fudge Pop Tart and you can easily imagine what this tastes like.  Maybe that sounds like a dream come true to some, for me it was merely edible.

When eating these, I was thinking to myself on how I’d describe a Pop Tart to someone who’s never had one.  My mind was struggling then, and now that I am almost done with my post, it’s still struggling.  I think the best I can come up with is imagining the outside to be almost cookie-like.  A thin cookie.  Then imagine the consistency of the inside of a Fig Newton, apply that feel to any number of flavors that Kellogg’s injects into these pastries and you get the gist of it.  Thankfully I am fairly certain that most of America has had a Pop Tart at some time in their life, so they know what to expect.

While I did not like these, I can totally see someone else being a big fan of them.  It’s just not my gig.  Fruit Pop Tarts have always been edible, but not my preference.  I don’t care for the flavor combo of chocolate and any other fruit.  That’s just wrong…. But if you do like that flavor combo and you know you like Pop Tarts, go get you some!  These are limited edition and not all their limited editions come back.

Rating:  ✮☆☆


One thought on “Someone thought chocolate strawberry Pop Tarts were a good idea. I respectfully disagree.

  1. These are one of the best flavors of pop tarts I have ever had. The one thing that would make them the best is if they removed the frosting and just had the chocolate crust with the strawberry filling.

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