Cap’n Crunch Cereal Balls Are Going to Be a Thing

The world is ending.

Or maybe it’s getting better?

I can’t tell and won’t know for sure until I try these, and I will be trying these.

FoodBeast has some pictures of these out in the wild and they look like someone turned Kool-Aid into some sort of cake-like ball, sprinkled smashed Cap’n Crunch on it and filled it with high calorie-sugar-frosting-or-something.

Taco Bell isn’t shy about rearranging the 10 ingredients on their menu into what seems like 100’s of different machinations and sometimes, they even make something new that can’t be made out of meat, corn chips/shells or sugar.

I assume these are very similar to their Cinnabon Delights, which are sugar coated donuts with cream cheese frosting.  The combination resembles a Cinnabon bun, in the loosest way possible.

They’re being tested in CA right now, but typically when Taco Bell gets to the point of testing, they unleash their ideas on the whole country.  I’m both excited and terrified, at the same time.


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