Taco Bell’s Sriracha Quesarito Reviewed

Chipotle did this first, even if they were never brave enough to add it as an on-menu item.  I feel like I need to start there to defend the honor of what is my favorite fast-food burrito joint.  I have no idea when the Quesarito became a thing and I’ve never actually ordered it (I ordered nachos once at a Chipotle, which is supposedly off-menu item and was told no… I’ve not been able to muster the courage to order an off-menu item again) but there are pictures of its existence.

With that out of the way, I think Taco Bell is the first nation-wide fast-food restaurant to put this genius combination of sorta-Mexican meals together and, for Taco Bell, they do it pretty well.  I get that Taco Bell isn’t high quality food, I almost feel like I have to apologize for eating there because of health nuts and internet foodies, but I’m not going to.  I eat at Taco Bell and I like it.  There.

wpid-imag0106.jpgFor those who are unaware, a Quesarito is a quesadilla (filled with cheese, no meat in this one) which then has burrito contents slapped onto it and then rolled into a burrito-like form.  With The Bell’s Quesarito you get an option of meat (chicken or beef, maybe steak as well, but I forget) which is then added to “premium” Latin rice (a/k/a an attempt at using Chipotle’s cilantro-lime rice), reduced fat sour cream and a mildly hot chipotle sauce.  Once this is all rolled together, they put it on a grill press and it comes out with two crispy sides to the Quesarito.

I actually like the original Quesarito enough that it’s become on of my go-to items on the menu.  I tend to stick with chicken because I’ve found Taco Bell’s chicken to actually appear to be real shredded chicken with decent enough flavor.  Their beef is fine, just not my preference and I don’t think it has much texture to it.  Even though I’ve eaten the original Quesarito several times, I do have one main complaint about it.  Its innards are never distributed evenly.  Like, ever.  I think this is just how burritos are, there’s been more than one time I’ve gone to Chipotle and had all my sour cream at the top and all my salsa at the bottom, but it’s still annoying.  If I’m being honest with myself, I can forgive Taco Bell of this seeing as this is under $3 and is pretty filling.

Once I heard they were releasing the Quesarito with a Sriracha sauce I wasn’t particularity excited by it.  I’ve never been a huge Sriracha fan, it’s just okay to me.  I tend to use Tabasco when I do use a hot sauce.  Still, this was destined to be something I was going to try, and try I did.

wpid-imag0107.jpgThe Quesarito has the exact same make-up of the original, just with Taco Bell’s Sriracha sauce mixed in.  This isn’t straight Sriracha here, it’s more like a Sriracha and sour cream mixture, it’s slightly creamy.  That makes the flavor a bit more mild, but the Sriracha flavor very clearly comes through.  The sauce is also hotter than I expected.  While it was perfectly fine for me (I like things that are considered “hot”) I think this is hotter than your typical fast-food item claiming to be hot.

I like the rice and have already noted the chicken, as well.  The sour cream is fine and the cheese is nice and melty between the tortilla layers.  With this version of the Quesarito, all the other flavors are kind of drowned out by the Sriracha sauce, which might sound great to some, not so great for others.  I personally think the sauce is pretty good and I’m glad it’s at the forefront of the flavors provided.

Overall, I liked this quite a bit more than I expected.  It’s going to be something I’ll have in the coming months, while it remains on the menu.  Nice work, Taco Bell, nice work.


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