Reggie Box Unboxing – March 2015 (Large Dog)


Chomper TailWaggers – Football Cotton Rope

This one’s odd in that I can’t find it in any American online store.  I found a UK store that said it was discontinued.  I was only able to find it for purchase on 2 sites from New Zeland for $12.50 in their currency, which is $9.21 in USD.  This is not a bad thing if Reggie Box found a stash somewhere for cheap.  This is the best thing we got this month and I guarantee it was $15+ brand new.  Kapiti Kritters (New Zeland) – $12.50 NZD ~ $9.20 USD


Chomper Gladiator Fetch Stick

I said this didn’t squeak in the video, but it does.  It’s on one end and Peach can easily find it.  This toy appears to be really tough, which is great as Peach has a tendency to rip through things.  $12.18 at


MushyFace Cookie Co. Grain Free Liver and Chicken

Not available at Amazon.  Available on Mushy Face’s Company site for $5.49 per 1/4 pound which is what we received.  The picture is chicken only (the liver ones are darker) and it doesn’t look like you can buy the mix we got in Reggie Box, so it could be something that was done just for Reggie Box.

The cookies are really flat and crisp (hard), but Peach has no problem eating them.  She appears to like them quite a bit, they don’t sit at all, she eats them right away.


Kim’s Barkery Mini Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies

I called this Kim’s Bakery in the video, that’s what we call skim reading.  Also not available on Amazon at this time but I found these on Kim’s Barkery’s Page.  The mini cookies are $7.99 per pack.  Peach also loves these, she takes them to a special spot and munches away.

D.O.G. Bakery – St. Pats Hat Cookie

They don’t have this pictured on their website, I’m thinking they made Reggie Box a special shape.  These are $0.90 a cookie, other shapes are available on their site.  As noted in the video, Peach loved these last month but they did not agree with her stomach, at least the night she ate one.  The disclaimer is that the cookie sat for a while (3 weeks maybe) before we remembered to give it to her and she was fighting some CPV (aka warts in her mouth, shes fine now), so we’ll see how this one goes.

Total Box Value:  $35.76

A great box this month, I like it quite a bit more than last month but that’s not to say last month was bad.  Peach loved last month (Scruff Puff’s did not agree with her) but the toys got destroyed.  This month the toys appear to be way tougher and the treats are just as good as last  month.  Nice month, Reggie!  We love it.



2 thoughts on “Reggie Box Unboxing – March 2015 (Large Dog)

  1. Hi guys! Owner of Kim’s Barkery. I loved the video for March Reggie Box. You received the mini blueberry cookies. Would you want an assortment of flavors for Peach to post a blog? Would love to hear back from you guys!

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