Trumoo Vanilla Mint Milk Review

Despite being well enough into my 30’s that the color of things shouldn’t attract me to buy them, I am a complete sucker.  At one point in the past year or so, I had to try Tampico, because the stuff looked like a fiesta on my grocer’s shelf.  Seriously, look at this stuff (I got blue, of course).

After I drank Tampico, I was reminded that artificially brightly colored drinks are really not very good.  Tampico is like Sunny D with 10 times the sugar.  The stuff tastes like diabetes.

Despite that somewhat recent revelation, I still get sucked in.  My most recent example of being a marketer’s dream is Trumoo’s vanilla mint milk flavor, which has been release for St. Patty’s day 2015.

Like any kid stuck in an adults body, I’ve had plenty of different flavored milks.  When I was an actual kid all I had was chocolate and strawberry.  Now I can have chocolate marshmallow (fantastic, so thick you can feel your arteries clogging), banana (meh) and soon… Peep flavored milk.  This is the dawning of a generation where milk flavors know no bounds.

wpid-imag0087.jpgThis version of Truemoo is pretty light in flavor and texture.  I’d put the consistency at 1% milk, which is what the label says this is.  The flavor is much more vanilla than it is mint.  Taking a sip really tastes like standard milk with just a hint of mint that hits you as an almost aftertaste.  If you’re looking for strong mint flavor, this isn’t the liquid version of a York Peppermint patty, but more so like one of those buttermints you find at old-school restaurants.

Another easy way to describe the flavor would be to compare it to a St. Patty’s tradition, the Shamrock Shake (look at the sugar content on that bad boy!) from McDonald’s.  If you’ve ever had one of those and allowed it to melt, that’s a lot like what Trumoo’s vanilla milk tastes like, minus the weird frothy stuff that a melted Shamrock Shake gets on top of it.

If you clicked the link for the Shamrock Shake above and you still have not picked your jaw up off of the floor after seeing one of them has 115 grams of sugar, don’t worry too much about this milk.  According to MyFitnessPal there is only 26g’s.  “Only” is in comparison to a Shamrock Shake, this is still a lot of sugar.  I’m surprised this isn’t sweeter given the sugar content.

Overall, this stuff is pretty good.  It’s probably the perfect thing to blend to make your own Shamrock Shakes at home, seeing as this really tastes almost identical.  On its own its not bad, either.  It’s lightly flavored and lower fat milk with a good, subtle mint flavor.  If you like mint and you like milk, your dream has come true.

Now, bring on the Peeps Marshmallow milk!


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