Dogsters is like ice cream for dogs, because every animal deserves ice cream

While walking down the frozen treat aisle in our local supermarket, my wife says to me “We should get some Ice Cream for Peach (our dog)”.  I laugh a little and say… Yeah, sure, let’s do that.  We were in the area for humans after all and while I can beleive ice cream for dogs exists (because what doesn’t exist for dogs?), it would be not where we were.

I was wrong.

There it was, a 4 pack of “ice cream” treats you can give to your dog, branded as Dogsters.

Dogsters Header

Box Front

They were situated next to the Italian Ice, which didn’t make total sense to me until we brought them home (of course we had to buy them) and we gave Peach one.  Once open, I saw they  were really a lot more like Italian Ice for dogs, not really “ice cream” which is both why I put ice cream in quotes and why I figured out its close proximity to the Italian Ice at the store.  When searching for this item via Google, I also found out it’s made by the same people that make Luigi’s Italian Ice, J&J Snack Foods, bringing even more corporate synergy I’m sure snack companies love.

These have the exact consistency of Italian Ice (which I, the human, love… but probably not in peanut butter/cheese flavor) which is to say they are hard-ish ice when fully frozen then a bit more slushy as you continue to eat.  There is no cream to be seen here, which is fine.  I think they made the right call in calling them “Ice Cream Style” treats because calling them “Italian Ice Style” would be pretty damn clunky.

The actual product also looks nothing like it does on the box.  The box gives the appearance of a light and fluffy snack which fluffs up elegantly, taller than the edges of the cup in which it sits.  Nope.  They are flat and have a cardboard circle covering the top which, again, is just like Italian Ice.

The fact these aren’t ice cream and don’t look like they do on the box isn’t really a complaint, just things to note.  These are dog treats and pretty cheap ones all things considered.  For instance, it’s $2 for a 6-pack of Italian Ice at our grocery store, so we’re paying slightly more (a little over $2 for 4) for what I’d say is a more “specialized” product.  The fact they don’t appear as light and fluffy as they do on the box is probably a good thing, Peach would make a mess if this really was ice cream.

All that out of the way, all that really matters is if our dog likes it.  I would say she doesn’t like it.  She loves it.  Like, she-hurt-my-hand-because-she-was-clawing-to-eat-this, kind of love.  When we pull one of these out of the freezer, she looks like the middle dog on the box.  Her eyes pop out and she licks like she’s never licked before, until the thing is gone.

You can either hold them for your dog or put them on the carpet/floor/ground, Peach has been pretty successful eating in either situation without making a mess.  Flavors come in Mint or Peanut Butter and Cheese.

Nutrition Info

Nutrition Info

One might say that a dog will eat anything, but once you own and get to know a dog, you know they have preferences.  Some treats she will take, hide and maybe try to find them if she’s bored/hungry.  These… these she does not give an opportunity to get out of her sight until she is done, done, done.  Watch the little video clip, that dog is crazy for some Dogsters.

We’ll be getting these again.  I bet they are a great way to cool a dog down on a hot day (which we have not had in quite a while, it’s March in Wisconsin) and even on a cold day Peach loves digging into these.  If you want to get your doggie something a bit away from the norm of dog treats, these are a great option that aren’t all the expensive.  Check your grocer’s frozen treat area, apparently.


4 thoughts on “Dogsters is like ice cream for dogs, because every animal deserves ice cream

  1. My dog has a Dogsters every evening. His doctor approves this product. His name is Oscar and he is a 12 year old Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier. When Oscar has a friend come to visit he shares a dogster with his friends. I have a recent photo of Oscar enjoying a peanut butter dogster and would like to share it with you.

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