Dogsters is like ice cream for dogs, because every animal deserves ice cream

While walking down the frozen treat aisle in our local supermarket, my wife says to me “We should get some Ice Cream for Peach (our dog)”.  I laugh a little and say… Yeah, sure, let’s do that.  We were in the area for humans after all and while I can beleive ice cream for dogs exists (because what doesn’t exist for dogs?), it would be not where we were.

I was wrong.

There it was, a 4 pack of “ice cream” treats you can give to your dog, branded as Dogsters. Continue reading


UPDATED: Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel Review

We have our dog’s main crate in our bedroom and have since we got her. She’s got no problem going in it while we’re away but it’s one of those bulky metal cages that don’t transport all that easily. We wanted a backup for 2 reasons. One was to give us something downstairs so my wife could use it while cooking and what not, Peach likes to run around legs when cooking/cleaning is going on (though she’s gotten quite a bit better as she’s gotten older). The second reason was to have something for travel when we take Peach with us.

This appeared to meet our needs based on reviews, measurements and look. Once we got it, everything we thought this would be, it is. It comes in a carry case and folds flat (in theory, more on that later) for easy transport. It isn’t very heavy and sets up really easily. My wife, who has back issues and a weight limit for lifting can easily move this around as needed.
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PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal Dispensing Dog Toy Review

Less than 5 minutes.  That’s all it took.

That’s all it took for Peach to gnaw straight through the rope of the Tug-A-Jug, rendering it a different product than what was originally purchased.  This sounds like the toy was ruined and there was no coming back, but that’s not the case.  Thankfully the toy still provides some mentally stimulating play for our dog.

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Reggie Box February 2015 Unboxing

Above you’ll see my video review, I wanted to give a summary of the items in the box and what their cost is on Amazon.  The box costs $20 a month from  Overall pretty happy with our first box (Peach loves it), but certainly will be happy to see even better value going forward. Continue reading

Puppia Harness (Dotty, Black) Review

We ordered a harness for our puppy both after input from the humane society we adopted her at as well as reading up on our own. We have a small dachshund/lab mix (don’t ask how that happened, we don’t know) and the general consensus is that smaller dogs do better with a harness as opposed to a standard collar because their throats are more susceptible to damage from getting yanked on a collar. We researched various harnesses and this one came out on top because of it’s style, mostly, but also the fact it appear to be made of softer material which we were guessing would be more comfy for our dog.

The harness fits well, we used the measurements as advised in the listing so getting the right size as easy. It’s grown with her for a few months now and the adjustable part which goes around the chest has given us plenty of room to size up. It looks pretty cute as well, but we made a mistake getting black, everyone assumes Peach is a boy… I guess it’s a man’s word, what can I say?
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Blue Dog Bakery – More Flavors and Doggie Cremes Treat Review

Whenever Jess and I hit up Target, we take a walk through the pet area to see what’s on clearance or if there’s anything new in the world of dog treats.  Despite the fact we have enough treats at home to feed our not-even-25-pound puppy for the next 5 years, she’s our doghter, so she gets spoiled.  Blue Dog Bakery’s treats always peaked my wife’s interest and I had to agree, they appeared to be more on the “fun” end of dog treats.  These aren’t your normal boring Milk Bones. Continue reading