Dogsters is like ice cream for dogs, because every animal deserves ice cream

While walking down the frozen treat aisle in our local supermarket, my wife says to me “We should get some Ice Cream for Peach (our dog)”.  I laugh a little and say… Yeah, sure, let’s do that.  We were in the area for humans after all and while I can beleive ice cream for dogs exists (because what doesn’t exist for dogs?), it would be not where we were.

I was wrong.

There it was, a 4 pack of “ice cream” treats you can give to your dog, branded as Dogsters. Continue reading


Feedly Users, Beware of the Corgi (Lock Screen Replacement)

unnamedI am not a stupid person, but sometimes I do stupid things.  Well, at least I don’t think I’m stupid.

I also don’t want to drag a dev of a small (and potentially great) Android app down, but there needs to be a slight warning with this one.

First off, Feedly is my personal favorite RSS reader and has been since I had to replace Google Reader.  At this point it’s better than Google Reader ever was, so I’m not as bitter as I first was once Google announced the retirement of Reader.

Corgi for Feedly is a newer app for Android which looks to take your feeds from Feedly and put them onto your lock screen, even with the ability to have an unlock pattern for security.  The app looks nice and I loved the idea so I gave it a try.

Upon setting up Corgi, you need to log-in to one of their various options to link Feedly to Corgi.  The setup was simple enough and I was scrolling through my new lock screen to see how it worked.  I’m not sure on the order of the items it pulls from Feedly, I think it’s just the most recent articles.  Swipe left to see another article and right to unlock the screen.

The only setting you have, other than the lock screen pattern, is an option to see all your feeds and, if you like, click “Unsubscribe”.

So I went through and clicked unsubscribe on the stuff I didn’t want to show on the lock screen, common sense told me this was fine.  Then I went into my Feedly app and saw that… clicking unsubscribe in Corgi didn’t just remove feeds from Corgi.  IT REMOVES THEM FROM FEEDLY.

My last ditch effort to immediately uninstall Feedly from my phone, thinking I was at least saving my desktop version (and thus, my feeds) proved to be fruitless.  Damn you, Feedly!  Why must you sync so quickly?

Now, I’d have no problem with this if the app told me this is what would happen.  I’ve used other apps and widgets that plugged into Feedly and they don’t remove (or add) anything to your Feedly if you’re doing something through whatever the 3rd party (to Feedly) app is.

Sadly, Corgi doesn’t tell you this, it just lets you ruin your Feedly settings without a warning.  I rarely write a review for an Android app, but this one I did.  Props to the dev as they (He?) responded and said this issue was going to be cleared up.  Quote is below.

Having to replace 90% of my Feedly feeds was maybe a blessing in disguise.  I found a few new ones and got rid of some I was passing over.  So, thanks for that.

This could be fixed by tomorrow for all I know, rendering this post immediately useless, but just check their update log on the Play Store to make sure this has been fixed before you go unsubscribing.

Hi Curtis. We are very sorry, for putting you in this situation. We are fixing this issue as we speak. After the next update, Corgi will copy all of your Feedly subscriptions once, and then when you unsubscribe, it will only unsubscribe from Corgi. Once again sorry for the inconvenience. Our team is working hard to fix this.

Trumoo Vanilla Mint Milk Review

Despite being well enough into my 30’s that the color of things shouldn’t attract me to buy them, I am a complete sucker.  At one point in the past year or so, I had to try Tampico, because the stuff looked like a fiesta on my grocer’s shelf.  Seriously, look at this stuff (I got blue, of course).

After I drank Tampico, I was reminded that artificially brightly colored drinks are really not very good.  Tampico is like Sunny D with 10 times the sugar.  The stuff tastes like diabetes.

Despite that somewhat recent revelation, I still get sucked in.  My most recent example of being a marketer’s dream is Trumoo’s vanilla mint milk flavor, which has been release for St. Patty’s day 2015. Continue reading

OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood Review (PS4/Vita)

I still remember all the way back to 1999, that first time I played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.  It was on a demo disk from some random magazine and it was only the first level of the later released full game.  I played that level 1,000 times over and then played it some more.  When the full game hit, I spent more hours playing than I may have spent on any other game that generation.

I loved the series so much I was even willing to try anything that had the same formula and was released by Activision.  I even played Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer (spoiler alert, it was not good).

Somewhere along the way Tony Hawk and Activision let the series get fatigued, which is a polite way of saying they kept coming out with games and they kept getting worse and worse.  Eventually the Skate series came during last generation and took everything Tony Hawk’s games were doing wrong and made them right.  Tony Hawk responded with “Ride”, then “Shred” which introduced yet another plastic piece of junk for your living room to go with all those instruments you weren’t playing anymore (but you might be breaking out again, because… Rock Bank 4).  Another spoiler alert, these games were bad, too.

All of this is significant for 2 reasons.  First, there hasn’t been a skateboarding game worth playing since Skate 3, all the way back in 2010 (God, that’s longer than I thought, come back Skate!).  Since I missed out on OlliOlli’s first iteration I can’t count that, but if it’s anything like OlliOlli 2, we now have our skateboarding game that is more than worth playing.  Second reason.  OlliOlli has made me feel the same thing I felt the first time I played the first Tony Hawk and Skate games.  It’s hard, addictive and my eyes hurt because I play it for too long, but it is everything I could want in a skateboarding game. Continue reading

Taco Bell’s Sriracha Quesarito Reviewed

Chipotle did this first, even if they were never brave enough to add it as an on-menu item.  I feel like I need to start there to defend the honor of what is my favorite fast-food burrito joint.  I have no idea when the Quesarito became a thing and I’ve never actually ordered it (I ordered nachos once at a Chipotle, which is supposedly off-menu item and was told no… I’ve not been able to muster the courage to order an off-menu item again) but there are pictures of its existence.

With that out of the way, I think Taco Bell is the first nation-wide fast-food restaurant to put this genius combination of sorta-Mexican meals together and, for Taco Bell, they do it pretty well.  I get that Taco Bell isn’t high quality food, I almost feel like I have to apologize for eating there because of health nuts and internet foodies, but I’m not going to.  I eat at Taco Bell and I like it.  There. Continue reading

Far Cry 4 (PS4) Review

Far Cry 3 was a really interesting experience for me.  That game had so many flaws in its story and characters that, if the gameplay wasn’t as fun as it was, would have rendered the game unplayable for me.

On one hand, you had Vaas, who might be one of the best bad guys to ever grace a video game.  Between his look, the voice acting and the ability to sync his face to his words (so few games do this well that it’s obvious when it happens) he hit on all cylinders.  He was roughly 10% of the story and died way too early.  That’s the bad part.

Then you have the other hand.  The main character who you played as was a giant, flaming douchebag.  There isn’t any way around it.  Your goal, within the context of the story, was to save your friends.  All massive douches as well.

There is a portion of the game where you are trying to save a friend by sniping from a distance as he runs for safety.  When you get to him, after he was being shot at and had explosions going off all around him, his first words to you are “Whoa, dude!  Nice tat!”   Exhibit A on why these were some of the worst protagonists, ever.  Continue reading