Lifeline Is the Best Mobile Game I’ve Played and All I Did Was Read

T81yZ3ICI’ve been a gamer for 90% of my 33 years on this earth.  I kind of hate to say it, but I am a “hardcore” gamer.  I hate to say it, because I don’t really think gamers need to be split into groups.  That said, my gaming history has left me not all that interested in the mobile phone/tablet space other than for some mindless games to pass a few minutes here and there.  Self-identifying as a hardcore gamer has not left me a snob, however.  I understand and appreciate the casual space that mobile has monopolized and I think it’s great that there are games for everyone, but I just never saw myself truly loving a game or a game’s story on mobile.  When I’ve been able to play things like The Last of Us, Journey and Enslaved on my various PlayStation consoles, I never felt like a mobile game would rope me in and make me want to finish it.

Then I had a few days with Lifeline. Continue reading


Feedly Users, Beware of the Corgi (Lock Screen Replacement)

unnamedI am not a stupid person, but sometimes I do stupid things.  Well, at least I don’t think I’m stupid.

I also don’t want to drag a dev of a small (and potentially great) Android app down, but there needs to be a slight warning with this one.

First off, Feedly is my personal favorite RSS reader and has been since I had to replace Google Reader.  At this point it’s better than Google Reader ever was, so I’m not as bitter as I first was once Google announced the retirement of Reader.

Corgi for Feedly is a newer app for Android which looks to take your feeds from Feedly and put them onto your lock screen, even with the ability to have an unlock pattern for security.  The app looks nice and I loved the idea so I gave it a try.

Upon setting up Corgi, you need to log-in to one of their various options to link Feedly to Corgi.  The setup was simple enough and I was scrolling through my new lock screen to see how it worked.  I’m not sure on the order of the items it pulls from Feedly, I think it’s just the most recent articles.  Swipe left to see another article and right to unlock the screen.

The only setting you have, other than the lock screen pattern, is an option to see all your feeds and, if you like, click “Unsubscribe”.

So I went through and clicked unsubscribe on the stuff I didn’t want to show on the lock screen, common sense told me this was fine.  Then I went into my Feedly app and saw that… clicking unsubscribe in Corgi didn’t just remove feeds from Corgi.  IT REMOVES THEM FROM FEEDLY.

My last ditch effort to immediately uninstall Feedly from my phone, thinking I was at least saving my desktop version (and thus, my feeds) proved to be fruitless.  Damn you, Feedly!  Why must you sync so quickly?

Now, I’d have no problem with this if the app told me this is what would happen.  I’ve used other apps and widgets that plugged into Feedly and they don’t remove (or add) anything to your Feedly if you’re doing something through whatever the 3rd party (to Feedly) app is.

Sadly, Corgi doesn’t tell you this, it just lets you ruin your Feedly settings without a warning.  I rarely write a review for an Android app, but this one I did.  Props to the dev as they (He?) responded and said this issue was going to be cleared up.  Quote is below.

Having to replace 90% of my Feedly feeds was maybe a blessing in disguise.  I found a few new ones and got rid of some I was passing over.  So, thanks for that.

This could be fixed by tomorrow for all I know, rendering this post immediately useless, but just check their update log on the Play Store to make sure this has been fixed before you go unsubscribing.

Hi Curtis. We are very sorry, for putting you in this situation. We are fixing this issue as we speak. After the next update, Corgi will copy all of your Feedly subscriptions once, and then when you unsubscribe, it will only unsubscribe from Corgi. Once again sorry for the inconvenience. Our team is working hard to fix this.