OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood Review (PS4/Vita)

I still remember all the way back to 1999, that first time I played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.  It was on a demo disk from some random magazine and it was only the first level of the later released full game.  I played that level 1,000 times over and then played it some more.  When the full game hit, I spent more hours playing than I may have spent on any other game that generation.

I loved the series so much I was even willing to try anything that had the same formula and was released by Activision.  I even played Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer (spoiler alert, it was not good).

Somewhere along the way Tony Hawk and Activision let the series get fatigued, which is a polite way of saying they kept coming out with games and they kept getting worse and worse.  Eventually the Skate series came during last generation and took everything Tony Hawk’s games were doing wrong and made them right.  Tony Hawk responded with “Ride”, then “Shred” which introduced yet another plastic piece of junk for your living room to go with all those instruments you weren’t playing anymore (but you might be breaking out again, because… Rock Bank 4).  Another spoiler alert, these games were bad, too.

All of this is significant for 2 reasons.  First, there hasn’t been a skateboarding game worth playing since Skate 3, all the way back in 2010 (God, that’s longer than I thought, come back Skate!).  Since I missed out on OlliOlli’s first iteration I can’t count that, but if it’s anything like OlliOlli 2, we now have our skateboarding game that is more than worth playing.  Second reason.  OlliOlli has made me feel the same thing I felt the first time I played the first Tony Hawk and Skate games.  It’s hard, addictive and my eyes hurt because I play it for too long, but it is everything I could want in a skateboarding game. Continue reading