Far Cry 4 (PS4) Review

Far Cry 3 was a really interesting experience for me.  That game had so many flaws in its story and characters that, if the gameplay wasn’t as fun as it was, would have rendered the game unplayable for me.

On one hand, you had Vaas, who might be one of the best bad guys to ever grace a video game.  Between his look, the voice acting and the ability to sync his face to his words (so few games do this well that it’s obvious when it happens) he hit on all cylinders.  He was roughly 10% of the story and died way too early.  That’s the bad part.

Then you have the other hand.  The main character who you played as was a giant, flaming douchebag.  There isn’t any way around it.  Your goal, within the context of the story, was to save your friends.  All massive douches as well.

There is a portion of the game where you are trying to save a friend by sniping from a distance as he runs for safety.  When you get to him, after he was being shot at and had explosions going off all around him, his first words to you are “Whoa, dude!  Nice tat!”   Exhibit A on why these were some of the worst protagonists, ever.  Continue reading